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Any new changes made will be posted here. Please note: Most changes will now be made off-site and brought in as an official update to avoid any issues working on a live site.


Conversion Changes

Only a limited amount of data was brought in with the upgrade, and some are not compatible with this forum. Please see below:

  1. BB Code - Any that exist within your signatures and PMs may not work. There's BBCode support that we're in the process of testing out, but it won't be as complex as what we had before.
  2. Post counts were initially transferred but have been automatically recounted by the software. There's no way for us to get it back at this point other than to do the transfer all over again.

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Patch: Absolute 1.0.1

Just a small patch for now. More changes later.



  1. Fixed issue where members were not able to see HQ avatar settings

  2. Fixed issue with some emoticons having the wrong name

  3. Fixed dashboard width issue on mobile

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Notice: Downtime tonight 

We're going to be down tonight to run some background setup that should make the forum even more stable once all members and guests are in. It shouldn't take too long (half hour or less), but please be advised that you will not be able to view the forum during this time.


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Patch: Absolute 1.0.2

Launch patch. :gaycat5:



  1. Added option to sign in anonymously (Invisible Mode) to login. If you're already logged in, log out to get the option.

  2. Fixed header logo issues

  3. Updated the footer with working links and links to Classic ATRL and rules

  4. Fixed the dashboard thumbnail display.
  5. Last post time no longer says "1dy ago".
  6. Changed max video size to 600px. Currently testing centering and other options.
  7. Enabled polls in Base and The Lounge
  8. Ads are enabled but they may not always display until they've had a couple days to set in.



  1. We're going to be opening the forum to all members tomorrow.
  2. Bug fixes and additions will be a daily process. Keep leaving feedback in appropriate topics.
  3. Themes will go live next week.
  4. We're looking into the time zone issue. Because IPB has no official settings for time zones we're going to have to work with IPB to resolve it.


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Absolute 1.1 :gaycat5:


1.1 is our initial update before we add new members. Here’s what’s new:


Main changes

  1. Reduced spacing between elements for a less spaced out look + cleaned up some issues that added empty space to the side of forums and blogs

  2. Font has been changed to Arial throughout. We're going to experiment with some other options later on. If you liked the new font we introduced (Rubik) at launch, be sure to let us know.

  3. Adjusted the layout of member group titles on mobile

  4. When a reported post is handled by a moderator, it will now say "Resolved"

  5. New Dashboard (now in Beta)

  6. Mobile ads no longer break the page on mobile

  7. ATRL+ (Beta)

  8. 6 new themes (you can access them at the bottom of the page)


Minor changes

  1. Changed formatting of announcements
  2. Current page number is now indicated by a different color
  3. Adjustments made to Quote formatting
  4. Reduced the brightness of Absolute
  5. Fixed issue with some members not being able to see hovercards, thread previews.


Issues for future updates

These are by no means all the remaining issues to fix, but they’re mainly in regards to this update, any new issues that we’ve discovered and what we couldn’t get around to just yet.


  1. Logo still glitched/jumpy on some browsers

  2. Ads not loading all the time - This will stand out on mobile and randomly on desktop for the rest of the week. You’ll notice a large space between the header and the rest of content. We’re not happy about it, but at the moment, it’s out of our control. We're working with our ad providers to get it fixed.

  3. “Edited by” displays the wrong author

  4. Multiple posts issue

  5. Status updates/Wall getting deleted (We've applied a possible fix, but we need to wait another 24hrs before we can confirm it)

  6. Editor buttons on dark themes needs work

  7. ATRL-o-Matic Birthdays will appear in a future update

  8. CKEditor additions coming tomorrow
  9. Colors on new themes will be tweaked overtime for better contrast


Note on pasted content:

You’ll notice on dark themes that some topics have white backgrounds on dark text. This happens because the CKEditor takes the background from whatever content you’ve posted. You can clear the background with the text background tool.


ATRL Dashboard is now in Beta

We’re working on adding even more info and functionality to the dashboard. This new version is just a first step to a front page that benefits both new and existing users.


ATRL+ is now in Beta

During this beta period your active subscriptions will not expire. So if you had 3 days left when we started transferring to the new forum, you will have those 3 days to use after the beta. Members who had early access will be part of this beta as well.


ATRL+ Features so far

— More styling options in post editor

— Increased PM storage (5,000), 50 recipients per PM and unlimited PMs per day

— Name changes (3 every 6 months)

— ATRL+ user badge

— Increased Primary Avatar Limit

— 1 Invitation code per month (Will be applied later)

— ATRL Preview: Access to test new features first

— Games & YTT: "Bump" button lets you bump a topic once per week

— Edit silently

— Increased file size for cover photo uploads


Coming soon to ATRL+

— 2 Exclusive Themes

— Customizable Hovercard

— Limited ads, desktop and mobile

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Absolute 1.2 :kitty:

Today we resolved an issue with plugins that prevented us from installing new functionality. 

  1. New theme: Bubblegum
  2. Added new functionality to the CKEditor, including new YT button (allows easier centering)
  3. Added post numbering
  4. Added user join date
  5. Disruptive users can now be banned from topics
  6. ATRL-o-Matic Birthdays are enabled
  7. http://www.randimg.net/ Added to list of acceptable Avatar options
  8. When creating content, you’ll now see similar content available to help avoid posting duplicates. Note: Currently takes a few seconds to load.
  9. Links within announcements can now be clicked without having to open the announcement


You can discuss changes here: 


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