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weekly albums release/shade artists 2022 (1st July week)


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posting random 10 albums of the week i both recommend and not recommend at the same time.

for singles, i dont care i listen to generic pop girls/boys and cheesy tastes. 


1st July 2022


quiet week, everyone scare of imagine dragons release, their power. :pool:





Mothica - Nocturnal


dark goth pop solo with concept album 4 acts divided, tracklist flows well and weak music wise but visual served






The Dear Hunter - Antimai


not main "ACT" album and pretty tacky capatalism theme here, fun to listen and some called space funk genre...

fav: Ring 7 - Industry, Ring 3 - Luxury 




Ghost Woman - Ghost Woman


basic alt rock with few shoegaze included, the keyword is "basic" yet tracks here so smooth to sit through and enjoy

fav: Dead & Gone, Do You, All Your Love




Gwenno - Tresor


like spring dream/art pop album where you randomly shuffle and boppin, in the meantime its over. time flies fast on this

fav: title track, Keltek, Porth Ia




Moor Mother - Jazz Codes


abstract hip hop beat with granny soulful spoken, so many instruments going on, mainly on avant-garde jazz/rap. cracked

fav: Meditation Rag, Barely Woke, Rap Jasm




Summrs - Fallen Raven


first half is generic trap beat, lil uzi vert lost cousin ok rappin with 00's cheesy love beat on second half, i like former tho

fav: Wakeup, So Much Cheese, Cuts so Deep 2, Dont Mean ****




Conjurer - Páthos


predictable sludge metal, every track's structures start fading in, bangin, lower tempo, bangin again til end. EVERY SINGLE ONE

fav: Cracks in the Pyre, Those Years, Condemned 




Mice Parade - lapapọ


quirky art rock/pop with edgy melodies, hard to be drown in at first but stuck hard around mid till instrumental last few ruined it

fav: Could This Be Anywhere, Bushwick & Knoll, Siðar




Pit Pony - World To Me


girl garage rock, mature and no screamo outside of instruments, serves their solid monotone/mediocre sound.

fav: Supermarket, Black Tar, Just That




Municipal Waste - Electrified Brain


non-stop thrash metal from start to finish, no room to breathe, pure uptempo and everyone looks like cover art dude at the end. 

fav: Electrified Brain, Demoralizer, Last Crawl




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Three Days Grace album is really good <3 

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im listening to Smple Plan now i didnt even know they had new music

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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:

6 May 2022





f.e.a.r. (**** Everything And Run) - Stand Atlantic

pop punk not pure but legit album bang so hard, one of reason MGK retire back to rap

fav: switchblade, doomsday, don't talk [to me], cabin fever 




Suki Waterhouse - I Can't Let Go


Lana clone wannabe but more talents than ha

fav: Melrose Meltdown, On Your Thumb, Blessed



Simple Plan - Harder Than It Looks


back on nostalgia mode with decent music again, bunch of fillers but singles are fine.

fav: Ruin My Life, The Antidote, Congratulations





Ibeyi - Spell 31


UK chloeXhalle with alt r&b varieties, harmony on points and serve more interesting music.

fav: Sister 2 Sister, Creature (Perfect), Tears Are Our Medicine




Desire - Escape


sensual 80's dance ala eurythmics, ignore her monotone vocal and its good.

fav: Telling Me Lies, Liquid Dreams, Escape




Belle and Sebastian - A Bit of Previous


upbeat record this time around but irritating to listen, everyone grows old so do them. 

fav: Prophets on Hold, Sea of Sorrow, Unnecessary Drama




Three Days Grace - Explosions


exactly what you think TDG new album going to be, title track serve jimmy neutron realness

fav: I Am The Weapon, A Scar Is Born, Explosions




Emeli Sandé - Let’s Say For Instance


worst case scenario 4th album when her first three are mile league above. My Pleasure bop hard by the way

fav: My Pleasure, Ready To Love, Brighter Days




Halestorm - Back From The Dead


nothing new nothing change, another album from halestorm

fav: Bombshell, Psycho Crazy, Back from The Dead





Midland The Last Resort: Greetings From


surprisingly above average barred their usual cringe/lame lyrics, smooth to go through

fav: Take Her Off Your Hands, If I Lived Here, Longneck Way To Go, Bury Me In Blue Jeans





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I heard some Tank and the Bangas songs but it didn't really grab me. They seem interesting though.

Maybe that Emeli album has a few good songs...

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On 5/22/2022 at 7:29 AM, potent said:

I heard some Tank and the Bangas songs but it didn't really grab me. They seem interesting though.

Maybe that Emeli album has a few good songs...

definitely not easy for non-urban listeners, you could listen to "Big" in album and thats all the album is about. otherwise, as for emeli, im a fan of "real life" but a lot of peeps in music section album there love it so much.




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Posted (edited)
On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:

13th May 2022




The Smile - A Light for Attracting Attention

they all said best radiohead side project, yes indeed. thom and johnny go back to pablo honey/the bends era

Fav: Pana-vision, Open the Floodgates, Waving a White Flag




Tank and the Bangas - Red Balloon

Hardcore Urbanism, award bait album and not for daily basis but fun for exercise at local park/gym.

fav: Why Try, Oak Tree, Big (feat. Big Freedia), Heavy




Leikeli47 - Shape Up

I heard Azealia Bank, Cardi B, Doja Cat, Doechii, Bree Runway influences but who are you girl?

fav: Zoom, Done Right, Jay Walk




Misery Index - Complete Control

sweating like waterfall even i stand still waiting at bus stop, crazy drumline

fav: Necessary Suffering, Infiltrators, Administer the Dagger




State Champs - Kings Of The New Age

they are pretty cocky from interview but why not? they are good and sum41 is a fad

fav: Outta My Head, Act Like That, Some Minds Don’t Change




Bear's Den - Blue Hours

adult contemporary pop, not cringey, not aware that they are boring but "On Your Side" floor me

fav: On Your Side, Shadows, Title Track




Moon Tooth - Phototroph

melodic hard rock, guitar riffs here are insane even lead vocal is michael bolton impersonator

fav: I Revere, Grip on the Ridge, Carry Me Home




Luke Steele - Listen To The Water

"Empire of the Sun" lead vocal goes solo, imagine you got stripped down "We Are The People" for 14 tracks straight.

fav: My Boy, Dark World, Get Out Now




Giant Walker - All In Good Time

Beginner guide for metal with thin non-screamo female vocal, choice and a half but production is not all bad

fav: Katoomba, Left to Wreck, Past the Peak




Kevin Morby - This Is A Photograph

another storyline album this week apart from kendrick and ethel cain, i dont care any of that his vocal does thing to me :gaycat4:

fav: Stop Before I Cry, Bittersweet, TN, A Coat of Butterflies


kevin pic for example




:clownny: my taste sometimes...






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(20th May week)


On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:

posting random 10 albums of the week i both recommend and not recommend at the same time.

for singles, i dont care i listen to generic pop girls/boys and cheesy tastes. 




Everything Everything - Raw Data Feel


robotic autopiloting album up until mid slowdown and turned into solid indie pop second half, not disappointing

fav: Leviathan, My Computer, Software Greatman




Zach Bryan - American Heartbreak


yeehaw dude flexes his solo songwriting on 2hrs journey over romantic theme and he cheated her at the end, bold.

fav: Tishomingo, Sun to Me, Someday (Maggie's), '68 Flashback, Billy Stay




Charlie Hickey - Nervous At Night


vanila AC pop boy, rather boring instrumental choices and mid lyrics, his vocal is lovely and should be in band or duo next.

fav: Gold Line, Month Of September, title track




Train - AM Gold


nope, not total garbage, pat monahan back on the road with few decent songs here and there if you tolerate his vocal.

fav:  Running Back (Trying to Talk to You), Ain't No Easy Way, Easy On The Eyes





Boldy James & Real Bad Man - Killing Nothing


third release from Griselda record this year and outright the worst one (Benny, Conway). pretty chills and punches

fav: Cash Transactions, Bo Jack (Miller Light), Hundred Ninety Bands




Tess Parks - And Those Who Were Seen Dancing


indie poprocker goes express her experience over non-themed album, queue this next to lykke li and you will find a god

fav: Suzy & Sally's Eternal Return, DO YOU PRAY?, Saint Michael




Porridge Radio - Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder to the Sky


grumpy mature aunty spill bars on rather slow post punk music, wait till she repeat lines and make you gagged

fav: Jealousy, Rotten, The Rip




Amaii - I've Seen Better Days



fav: Supermarket california roll, Sirens, hey! cool bike 




Static Dress - Rouge Carpet Disaster


ignore those crappy mixing and you got decent metalcore album in a while, seriously rent new studio please

fav: ...Maybe!!?, Di-sinTer, Fleahouse




Rojuu - Starina


guests from skylar gray, rosalia, t.a.t.u., spanish digicore rap goes overproduction mess while slow down toward end

fav: Luna De Diseño, Rae raVe, Sol oCulto







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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:

27th May week




Def Leppard - Diamond Star Halos


it is what it is, just drowning in mediocre sea never soar above ever, second half picks the pace though.

fav: Kick, Lifeless, Open Your Eyes




Madison Rose - TECHNICOLOR


upgrade version of "Pink Noise- Laura Mvula" yet exhausting towards the end with same structure/BPM all tracks

fav: Holographic, Dancin' till We Die, Lost My Mind (To The DJ)




Decapitated - Cancer Culture


very cute and cohesive, pretty much generic mainstream death metal as you can get but they ticked all boxes

fav: Hello Death, Iconoclast, Suicidal Space Programme





Wilco - Cruel Country


reductive and laughing stock attempt on big thief acclaim and result as messy alt-country album, sad actually.

fav: Ambulance, Bird Without a Tail / Base of My Skull, A Lifetime to Find, Hearts Hard to Find




Just Mustard - Heart Under


her vocal makes this record above the rest from being generic shoegaze album, impressive and one noted

fav: all the tracks sound the same so...




Dehd - Blue Skies


just so bad, high school level of indie rock where edgy and visuals matter the most, nostalgia guys yall know?

fav: Clear, Empty in My Mind, Window




HAAi - Baby, We're Ascending


aussie chick pull the hell up on her ambient vocal trance project, annoying dialogue but i sobbed on midway till the end.

fav:  I've Been Thinking A Lot Lately, Purple Jelly Disc, Tardigrade




Liam Gallagher - C'MON YOU KNOW


another contender for worst album of the year, no words.

fav: Better Days, Everything's Electric




Jeshi - Universal Credit


vibing with non-drill UK hip hop well its existing in 2022, solid rhyming/lofi pretentious beat, the lad can go mainstream next.

fav: Killing Me Slowly, Hit By a Train, Generation




WhoMadeWho - UUUU


indietronica band back with slice of melodic techno, giving fall/winter album feel and strong chill wind along cup of coffee

fav: Silence & Secrets, Everyday, Summer (nope not at all no)




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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:

3rd june

On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:



No Pressure - No Pressure


The Story So Far side project, purest pop punk no ballad/slow while not too crazy like Otoboke Beaver, feeling chore at the end

fav: Too Far, One Way Trip, Stuck Here




Vory - Lost Souls


work better as EP instead of fillers from track 10 onwards, kanye prestige got himself few generic beats on generic outcome.

fav: I.J.S, Do Not Disturb, Chanel Fix




Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band - Dear Scott


the main is tolerate pop rock singer/songwriter with middle snooze, the live side is clearly lively and shine his talents.

fav only on main, old song on live: Freedom, The Ten, American Kid




Astronoid - Radiant Bloom


as album title said, brighten your day with this post-metal album to lighten your mood. disappointing last few tracks.

fav: Eyes, Orchid, Admin    




Adrian Quesada - Boleros Psicodélicos


summer traditional latin canción melódica album, all you need is mojito and bench and not for busy hours

fav: Ídolo, El León, Esclavo Y Amo




Bleed From Within - Shrine


back again and never disappoint, love industrial mixing on this melodic metalcore project, start mid til superior second half

fav: Sovereign, Stand Down, Temple of Lunacy




Horsegirl - Versions of Modern Performance


questionable interludes but sisters go all rock out on this slacker lofi vibes, im liking her vocal lazy but soothing, not bad.

fav: Option 8, Anti-glory, Beautiful Song




Lettuce - Unify


quality funky jazz album, all instrument play equal epic part except line "we can change the world if we change ourselves"... ok bro

fav: RVA Dance, Get It Together, The Lock




Fantastic Negrito - White Jesus Black Problems


so much spicy on this root rock, gary clark Jr/jon batiste found shaking and cry in basement. instrumental on point.

fav:  Man with No Name, Trudoo, Highest Bidder




Thornhill - Heroine


his vocal is so sexy very sensual, baby matt bellamy/muse with great good genes. fillers are bland but nice singles.

fav: Casanova, Hollywood, Blue Velvet 


lets see how they look im curious




black smokey eyes for points and masc only, sure thing :gaycat6:




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ill have to give Luke's album a listen :eek:

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check out superache by conan gray next friday :cm:

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6 hours ago, Insanity said:

check out superache by conan gray next friday :cm:

Probably first album on my demand too :siptea: but I’ll comment on his thread there, beyond intriguing 

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3 minutes ago, Polgg48 said:

Probably first album on my demand too :siptea: but I’ll comment on his thread there, beyond intriguing 

Wish it was more like telepath/ overdrive 


I hear its mostly slow burns which I don't mind but I like a few bops

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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:


10th June 2022




kreator - hate Uber alles

classic thrash metal with lack of creativity. Ignore that, it’s banger after bangers for cardio session.

fav: conquer and destroy, pride comes before the fall, killer of Jesus




Joyce Manor - 40 Oz. To fresco


Short little geeky punk, let me guess they are California band too. Straight back to school drama.

fav: reason to believe, gotta let it go




janky star - grace ives


Basic addictive synth pop, cute and beyond, atrl should pay attention to this project

fav: isn’t it lovely, on the ground, angel of business




I told bessie - e l u c i d


I consider as sequel to billy woods “aethiopes” in more upbeat while bars aren’t too busy here

fav: sardonyx, ghoulie, jumanji 



sinead o brien - time bend and break the bower


Best non-children lullaby in utopia, rock infused spoken words, take intelligent to not understand 

fav: GIRLKIND, holy country, spare for my side, me




µ-Ziq - Magic Pony Ride

Inconsistent but it’s breakbeat/icm so just how it is. Based rpg game ost.

fav: brown chaos, shulem’s theme, unless



shearwater - the great awakening 


Not on “rooks” level, not sure why empty orchestra there, quite inconsistent if I be honest

fav: no reason, Aqaba, detritivore




IANAI - Sunir

Finnish folk with tribal influences, not totally love but grand quality efforts

fav: Samovela, O’zana, anaia 




neneh cherry - the versions

above average revemp, all guests ain’t ruin original inc. sia who not bad here

fav: woman, kisses on the wind, sassy




vance joy - in our own sweet time

again, slow/mid are great while few upbeat sound dad rock. Better than George Ezra this week.

fav: way that’s I’m going, daylight, solid ground





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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:

17th June 2022




Tim Bernardes - Mil Coisas Invisíveis


stunning brazilian chamber pop, so fluffy and beautiful, perfect for dating. yet feel like one long song.

fav: MEUS 26, ESSE AR, A Balada de Tim Bernardes





Bartees Strange - Farm to Table


love the usage of unorthodox melodies and dynamic throughout the album, indie pop rock with bit of r&b i stan

fav: Hold The Line, Mulholland Dr., Wretched




Hercules & Love Affair - In Amber

zErO boP WaShEd uP!!! not quite that though, elegant christian concept and tension buildup. Underrated.

fav: you’ve won the war, gate of separation, poisonous storytelling



nova twins - supernova


Cheeky lyrics to make up non bridge or instrument solo on this industrial rap rock. They should do full punk next.

fav: cleopatra, puzzles, toolbox




Yaya bey - remember your north star

cozy alicia keys vibe r&b that remind me of noname album instead. nothing outstanding to me though.

fav: keisha, meet me in Brooklyn, blessings 



logic - vinyl days

Fake voicemails and featuring saved album from his fake retire/creative bankruptcy. one of better “mixtape”

fav: Tetris, clouds, kickstyle, orville, carnival




white ward - false light 

Sax+piano solo on wowzer blackgaze album. Lack of variation/one-noted but storytelling and atmospheric are incredible.

Fav: leviathan, cronus 




ry x - blood moon


whether you feel his vocal or not, this minimal reverb still drags too long with too little contents. if you love his voice, get ready :jonny2:

fav: colorblind, crawl, come back




Kevin gates - Khaza 

once the kinks off (uncle rap, cringe bars, messy dated beat, gross autotune) it’s non-stop solid bangers from front to back. 

fav: from “bad for me” to “shoot my shot”, black clouds




example - we may grow old but we never grow up


self-awareness is cute, what will be next album title im curious. Questionable rap tracks all around and made only for his old fans

fav: internal affairs, DEEP, every single time



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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:

24th June 2022




Lupe Fiasco - Drill Music In Zion


adding jazz on his usual sound does wonder to this fantastic project, godly beat mediocre bars from our vet rapper

fav: NAOMI, Title Track, AUTOBUTO




Hatis Noit - Aura


Like Acapella Björk, whole album represents tribal influrence and opera tone to captive your inner mind and clean your soul

fav: Inori, Thor, A Caso





Jack Johnson - Meet the Moonlight


i really hate this guy i still do but this album is absolute marvelous, nice melodies with self-reflective theme, amazing.

fav: 3AM Radio, I Tend to Digress, Any Wonder





CANDY - Heaven Is Here


while everyone on americana trend from big thief, finally a hardcore punk to play along with latest Soul Glo, BANG.

fav: Fantasy/Greed, Perverse, Mutilation




Alestorm - Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum


Yaaarrrr, Ahoy and gimmick as hell. despite of certain theme, this project is musical excellect executed and great one.

fav: Bite the Hook Hand That Feeds, P.A.R.T.Y., Magyarország




Alexisonfire - Otherness


you know what, im losing it everytimes lead vocal sound so sexy over this post-hardcore especially on screamo. TAKE ME.

fav: World Stops Turning, Sweet Dreams of Otherness, Blue Spade




Day Wave - Pastlife


nothing too special about write romantic indie pop songs, quite cohesive and solid ahead the like of HONNE or dhruv.

fav: See You When the End's Near, Pastlife, We used to be young




Joan Shelley - The Spur


exactly how you perfect generic melodies into state of the art, very easy listening folk pop and yasss @ lyrics

fav: When the Light Is Dying, Fawn, Forever Blues




Moore Kismet - Universe


extraordinary future bass, all song has its own moments and feel fresh/alive just how this genre should be, flume... heard me?

fav: Shadow Soldier, See You Go, Flourish, Autonomy




The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Fire Doesn't Grow on Trees


take some time for this psychedelic to kick in, then here comes bangers on second half to go all out, wicked

fav: Before and Afterland, Don't Let Me Get In Your Way, You Think I'm Joking?






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