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Tinashegrande's Best Of 2021 | FINISHED


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Hello all, I've not done one of these before, so I thought I'd give it a go!


I'll be doing my favourite 50 songs of the year and the 10 biggest disappointments of the year :mandown:


I was almost tempted to make my banner the UK Official Charts logo as that's the kind of vibe my list will be serving :gaycat6:Expect a generous helping of UK pop with light sprinklings of R&B here and there. I'll try to write something for each song too as I have a lot of thoughts to share.

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  1. Black Hole - Griff :1stplace:

  2. Love Line – Shift K3Y (with Tinashe) :2ndplace:

  3. Have Mercy - Chlö:3rdplace:

  4. In My Bag – Justine Skye

  5. Bouncin - Tinashe

  6. Save Your Tears – The Weeknd (with Ariana Grande)

  7. Kiss Me More – Doja Cat (feat. SZA)

  8. Trash – Little Mix

  9. Angels – Tinashe (feat. Kaash Paige)

  10. I Don’t Do Drugs – Doja Cat (feat. Ariana Grande)

  11. Confetti – Little Mix (feat. Saweetie)

  12. If It Ain’t Me – Dua Lipa

  13. Thot Shit – Megan Thee Stallion

  14. Business – Becky Hill (with Ella Eyre)

  15. BED – Joel Corry (with Raye and David Guetta)

  16. Need to Know – Doja Cat

  17. Demeanour – Pop Smoke (feat. Dua Lipa)

  18. Melatonin – Upsahl

  19. Hurricane – OFENBACH ft Ella Henderson

  20. I Can See The Future – Tinashe

  21. Puppet  - Faouzia

  22. Count Me In – T.H.E.Y

  23. Get Into It (Yuh) – Doja Cat

  24. Small Reminders – Tinashe

  25. F.U.C.K. – Victoria Monet

  26. Eat It – Megan Thee Stallion

  27. Pick Up Your Feelings - Jazmine Sullivan

  28. Heartbreak Anniversary - Giveon

  29. Guilty – Sevyn Streeter (feat. Chris Brown and A$AP Ferg)

  30. Cut You Off – Little Mix

  31. Heartbreak Anthem (feat. David Guetta & Little Mix)

  32. Come Through – H.E.R. (feat. Chris Brown)

  33. Intruded – Justine Skye

  34. Don’t Play – Anne Marie, KSI, Digital Farm Animals

  35. Whenever You’re Ready - Mahalia

  36. Industry Baby – Lil Nas X (feat. Jack Harlow)

  37. Constant Bullshit – Summer Walker

  38. Worst Behaviour – Ariana Grande

  39. Last Summer - Zara Larsson

  40. Let’s Go Home Together – Ella Henderson and Tom Grennan

  41. Go Girl – Miraa May (feat. Raye)

  42. A Second to midnight – Kylie Minogue and Years and Years

  43. Violà – Barbara Pravi

  44. Sister Ray – Foxes

  45. FFF – Zara Larsson

  46. Body (Remix) – Tion Wayne and Russ Millions (feat. featuring Bugzy Malone, Fivio Foreign, Darkoo, Buni, ArrDee, E1 and ZT)

  47. Back Seat – Saweetie (feat. Lourdiz)

  48. Good Luck – James Hype (feat. Pia Mia)

  49. 24/7 - AWZ

  50. Crave – Years and Years




  1. Mabel 2021
  2. 333 – Tinashe (feat. ABSOLUTELY)

  3. Boyz – Jesy Nelson (feat. Nicki Minaj)

  4. Icy Chain – Saweetie

  5. Rap Freaks – Yung Miami

  6. Hit It – Black Eyed Peas (feat. Saweetie & Lele Pons)

  7. Don’t Wait Up – Shakira

  8. Skinny Dipping – Sabrina Carpenter

  9. My Universe – Coldplay (feat. BTS)

  10. Track Star (Remix 2.0) – Mooski (feat. Chris Brown, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, Yung Bleu)


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Best songs 50-46




"Crave" – Years and Years

“How could you ever leave, when you know I would die for you?”


Ok the video may have been weird, but this song really grew on me. After the disappointment of Starstruck I think I was determined to like whatever Olly put out next. The chorus is so haunting and hypnotic, I love the atmosphere.






"24/7" – AWA

“It's a 24/7 kinda Heaven and we're praying for a little more time”


I first encountered Awa when Mabel was living with her in lockdown during 2020. Their cringey try hard tiktoks made me block them both so I didn’t have to be subjected to another Carole Baskin dance. Anyway, since then it seems the pair have fallen out and don’t appear to follow each other on social media anymore. This came up on my discover weekly and it’s a cute UK R&B track, and high key better than anything Mabel has released in the past year, so who really won?






"Good Luck" – James Hype (feat. Pia Mia)

“You can sail around the world and cross the seven seas, but you ain't ever gonna find someone like me”


Dragging Mabel McVey is one of my favourite pastimes, so let’s continue shall we. According the super reliable (!) now banned ATRL panda, this song being dropped meant Mabel couldn’t release her single with the same name (which I imagine is rotting on someone’s hard drive along with the rest of the songs for her second album). It’s a very generic dance track with a “you’ll never find another me-e-e-e” message, but it hits the spot.







"Back Seat" – Saweetie (feat. Lourdiz)

“I give a dose of that Britney, make it toxic”


Talking about people struggling to release albums, Saweetie seems to have done everything this year apart from releasing her debut album, including, but not limited to: a McDonald’s brand deal, a panned Netflix sex education show and a collaborative EP. The EP was very hit and miss, and this was one of the better “hits”. Getting it on the back of some dirty car isn’t exactly my idea of a good time, but I imagine class isn’t something Dr Luke’s latest protégé Lourdiz is particularly well acquainted with. In fairness to her, the hook really carries this song as Saweetie stumbles about aimlessly on the verses.







"Body (Remix)" – Tion Wayne and Russ Millions (feat. featuring Bugzy Malone, Fivio Foreign, Darkoo, Buni, ArrDee, E1 and ZT)

“Have you seen the state of her body? If I beat it I ain’t wearing a johnny”


Is this a great song? Not really. But it holds a special place in my heart, as it was released around the time that restrictions started to be lifted in the UK. Also the meme value of the chorus and ArrDee’s verse were enough to warrant this song a space on my list. Shout out to Tion and Russ for teaching the UK locals how to say Adeola.





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Best songs 45-41




"FFF" – Zara Larsson

“Is this a story arc? Cos if it are, it'd be iconic”


Poster Girl was a rushed demo’d mess but a few of the songs were highly enjoyable, this being one of them. The drop is a fun boogie moment and most of us have fallen for a friend or acquaintance at some point so it’s very #relatable






"Sister Ray" – Foxes

“You know I've been dying to live like this”


In 2015 I went to the Christmas Lights switch-on on Oxford Street in London and Foxes was one of the performers. Dear God, my poor ears. After that interesting experience I completely wrote her off until I was forced to listen to this song by some friends. Well I’m glad they did, because what a great song this is! No idea what on Earth it’s about (what's a sister ray???) but the production is almost euphoric.







"Violà" – Barbara Pravi

“Parler leur de cette fille aux yeux noirs et de son rêve fou”


Now I’m not the biggest Eurovision fan, I watch it purely for the comedic value and to cry at how terrible the UK entry is. France can normally be counted on to send someone even more dire than us…but not this year. Violà is a very simple ballad but Barbara’s delivery was so captivating that I was hooked from the first time I saw her performance. She’s #1 in my heart.







"A Second to Midnight" – Kylie Minogue and Years and Years

“I wonder if you question why we left our fantasy behind?”


Is this song…the perfect collab? The two of them work so well together and the song is just so much fun. The phrase “giving the gays everything they want” is thrown about a lot on ATRL, but this song truly is that to the letter. You could tell they really enjoyed making the video too.







"Go Girl" – Miraa May (feat. Raye)

“We ain’t crying over no dick”


After all of her label issues this year this song was a nice return to form for Raye. I’m not entirely sure who this Miraa May person is but her voice is so similar to Raye’s I could barely tell who was singing when. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good female empowerment anthem.





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23 hours ago, dangerousalex said:

bestie arrived :WAP:

ready for this :duca:


23 hours ago, dreamofyou said:

graphics serving, excited for this:clap3:


22 hours ago, TalkThatRihanna said:

Perched :lakitu:


21 hours ago, Sempiternal said:

the header :heart:


21 hours ago, kiiwii said:

v cute banner. lots of taste incoming, methinks!


21 hours ago, Mr. Loco said:

This looks interesting... perched :lakitu:


15 hours ago, TheWayWeWere said:

love the layout :jonny: excited


8 hours ago, Mr. Blue_Shirt said:

AAHH king! i'm so excited for the list :jonny5:


6 hours ago, BlackoutZone said:

I see talent in the banner, ready


5 hours ago, Sunderland 4ever said:

Excellent graphics. Looking forward to this! :katie2:

Thanks all :heart:


21 hours ago, Ewan Chaos said:

Yay! Love hanging with you in recent rates this year. Can't wait to see what you enjoyed.

You too king!


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Good Luck is a BOP pia did that. (poor


Saweetie was cute but i fear lourdiz is a flop

FFF, Sister Ray, Go Girl:clap3:

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Nice banner and graphics :heart: 

FFF's drop is kinda wonky but in a really cute way. I like Crave but Starstruck is easily the best single from this era... gonna dive deeper into his discography once the album drops. Sister Ray yesssss :sats::sats: Kiii not the live performance shade, maybe she was having a bad night. I also don't know what a sister ray is :oh:

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I love how much harted you have towards Mabel and the fact that you started to like AWA's music becuase of she no longer associated with Mabel i- :ahh: I love it


FFF & A Second to Midnight praise :clap3: At first i didn't click with Kylie & Olly collab but it really grew on me especially during Disco re-release. They really did that wow

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Sister Ray is such a serve, one of the most enjoyable pop bops in a long time

I kinda didn't expect a lot from ASTM, but it turned to be so great, loved it more than half of DISCO

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So there is some serve, Sister Ray SOTY wbk

Wish I liked Crave and ASTM more, I've been stanning Olly and after my initial hype died those new songs aren't hitting much (and yeah I count Kylie collab as his song, cause I believe it was originally a solo for his album, but when he invited Kylie for Starstruck she also took this one for Disco Guest List nn). They are cute bops tho

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17 hours ago, Tinashegrande6 said:

"A Second to Midnight" – Kylie Minogue and Years and Years

Nice track, but I have to agree with Lazuli there. :ninja:

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