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Shania Twain - The Receipts


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On 10/3/2017 at 5:58 PM, gagacasanova said:


I'm sure she's close to 2x platinum especially after tonight! 

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More certifications (8.3.2020)

Man I Feel Like a Woman - 2x Platinum

That Don't impress Me Much - Platinum

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Gave this thread a bit of a face-lift.

*all the info is now in spoiler tags instead of cluttered out in the open.

*chart positions are organized by peak, if the peak is the same, then it goes alphabetical by Country.

*Updated awards section. Listed most of the awards, some were not included nor were they necessary.

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Updates (2/18/22)

- Added more chart entries for White Christmas (it entered more charts during the 2021 holidays)

- Added The Complete Limelight Sessions Sales & certifications, as well as Now's UK certification

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