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Post the worst thing your fav has ever recorded


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The whiplash I get each time I start to listen to Lover expecting to hear Cruel Summer and then this ironically forgettable turd starts to violate my ears.

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41 minutes ago, SeanET said:



The fact that it was an official single :biblio:

Not only that but the anti semitism in the video...

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  • #FreeBritney Activist
1 hour ago, 4Real said:



1 hour ago, Rev8 said:



If we counting unreleased stuff



if it's only released



1 hour ago, Michael196 said:

your opinion is invalid, thanks but no thanks!






Is it crack? 




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Whatever this was. She's such a versatile icon but should never come close to trap again :mazen:





The verses are tolerable but i honestly can't understand how she thought that tragedy of a chorus was a good idea





The poor mixing, the annoying chorus, the Young Thug verse completely out of place :mazen:






I don't think Ms. Frangipane has an objectively bad song but this was so... whatever? Literally a move to make armys stream Manic but it wasn't needed at all





This Dev ripoff was already dated back in 2013 imagine in 2021 :skull: the Stars Dance album as a whole aged like milk though and just like her i consider Revival her solo debut :deadbanana2:

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1 hour ago, Claymore said:




1 hour ago, GentleDance said:


y’all kidding me? 🤦🏻‍♂️ these two are awesome, top 5 on their respective albums


OT: her worst, but i still like it lol


his worst, and i despite it lol

thank f*ck he saved his career with Space Oddity :deadbanana4:

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