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Lee's Best of 2020

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Welcome to Lee's Best of 2020!


This year I will be revealing:

The Top 200 TV Series of 2020

The Top 100 Songs of 2020


Here's to us all getting all of our lists completed this year! :foxaylove2:

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I will do my best to follow along with the songs and REALLY try to peek at your TV shows and maybe add some to my long long long list :clap3: 

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In all honesty, I was probably on track to have the smallest amount of TV Series on a Best Of list since I started doing them. With the lockdown and being at home more, I was able to catch up on a lot of series I either fell behind on or probably wouldn't have ever gotten to. This year's list is 25 slots longer. Roughly half of the series are returning to my list from last year and the other half are new, didn't make the list last year and are making a return, or are older series I finally got a chance to watch. Without further ado, here we go!


Lee's Best of 2020 - The Top 200 TV Series of 2020: #200-191


200) Outmatched (FOX)


Outmatched follows a young couple with four children, three of which are extremely intelligent and gifted, the other, not so gifted or smart on first glance. The couple have to contend with their smart children and try to keep up with them. The sitcom is pretty traditional, uninspired and extremely forgettable. There was nothing really making this comedy stand out episode to episode and was hard to see how they could stretch this concept out for a long period of time. It was cancelled after one low rated season. I pretty much forgot it existed until I saw it on my list of shows.


199) ThunderCats Roar (Cartoon Network)


ThunderCats Roar is a new updated animated series that originated in the 1980's. It has a strong fan base even today and the mere existence of this series drove them to madness. I never got into the series or knew much about it so I was going to give it a chance like I do with most of Cartoon Network's series. Having heard the fuss around Teen Titans Go! when it first started, and enjoying that series, I was hopeful. What I saw instead was a scattered series with little grounding. The animation was pretty rough, the delivery of the lines were on speed and there was nothing I enjoyed about this series. I quickly stopped watching, as did most viewers. The series is likely done after airing one season, though it's not officially cancelled yet. 


198) Floribama Shore (MTV) (Last Year: 86)


What a disaster. This series used to be fun, over the top, messy interpersonal drama. After a move to the Tampa area, the series dissolved into a complete mess that I didn't want to continue watching. Each cast member became insufferable. There was no one to really root for. They became terrible versions of themselves. The drama between them became vicious and not longer enjoyable. They're currently filming a fourth season of the show in a bubble setting but I'm not even sure I want to return to this series, especially if the same cast is taking part.


197) Devils (CW)


With filming shut down due to the pandemic, the CW went shopping for lightly used series which haven't really been seen by American audiences. I had heard about this Italian series due to it being Patrick Dempsey's return to TV following his run on Grey's Anatomy. With that name attached I expected a bigger network to pick up the series, but wasn't surprised it was picked up at all. I was curious and decided to give it a shot. What I saw was a confusing series with hard to understand dialog. I don't understand how it was such a dull and boring series on top of that. There was nothing grabbing my attention that would lead me to really want to finish watching it. I guess I should have known a "financial thriller" wasn't going to actually be exciting.


196) Chopped (Food Network) (Last Year: 169)


Chopped is a staple on Food Network. They're constantly airing repeats and were able to keep the lights on due to them filming so many episodes ahead of them airing on the network. Even with the pandemic shut downs, they were able to come back with fresh new episodes in an outdoor setting which were pretty good. It was refreshing to see the show outside of its usual setting and while still maintaining the competitive and intense feeling the series evokes, it felt more relaxed and even easier to digest. Hopefully they were able to film a lot of new episodes before the weather got cold.


195) Deputy (FOX)


Deputy was pretty boring. I went in expecting a lot from this series due to the style and nature of the series based on the premise alone. A rough around the edges cop ends up becoming the deputy due to a law on the books saying the longest serving member on the force would take the place of the deputy if he were killed on the job. It brought in a political aspect to it due to him accidentally becoming the new deputy when there were far more qualified and more prepared members on the force. There was nothing really bad about the series. It was just boring and forgettable. I wasn't surprised the series was cancelled after one season, but I figured they would have given it some time to grow. Guess not!


194) Next (FOX)


Next was a series initially earmarked to air midseason during the 2019-2020 TV season. With the pandemic raging, Fox held the series for the fall to fill in the gaps on their schedule. It was advertised as a limited series event, but had the series aired in the original time period it was set to air, it probably would have been expanded on if the ratings were better. The series pretty much is a look at how technology could become an issue and begin fighting back against humanity. I saw potential in the series, but it really didn't strive to be much more than what we got. Episodes were sluggish and the direction the series took wasn't inspiring. Fox cancelled the series after two episodes and I didn't go back to watch any more after that. I knew it was likely not going to survive but they helped me avoid wasting my time by cutting it early.


193) Card Sharks (ABC) (Last Year: 128)


Growing up I enjoyed watching repeats of this game show where contestants have to guess whether the next card in the deck will be higher or lower than the card currently in play. The series was revived last year and aired in the summer. With the pandemic, the series was unable to film enough episodes for the summer, so it was held for the fall. They made some small changes to the rules in the second season which is airing right now like the push rule which I enjoyed. The show is easy to watch and I love to guess along with the contestants. The ratings are pretty bad this season but I'm hopeful ABC will bring it back for more episodes next summer where it will probably perform better.


192) Perfect Harmony (NBC) (Last Year: 147)


This is another show I completely forgot aired episodes in 2020. It wasn't a bad show, but it was pretty forgettable. I don't really even remember how it ended the first and only season. I remember a few aspect which I remember enjoying but the show didn't really elevate itself or make it stand out. The music was pretty good from what I remember, but it was pretty corny and overly polished. I do know that I enjoyed the cast a lot. Most of them I knew from previous projects and I hope they all do find other vehicles because individually they were all really good.


191) Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Last Year: 173)


This is another Food Network staple. The series follows Guy Fieri as he travels the country looking for great diners, drive-ins and dives that serve great and unique food. Each of the places Guy visits look like the food is extremely tasty. You can always tell when Guy really enjoys what he is having or when he's just trying to make it sound good for TV. With the pandemic and him unable to really travel, he came up with episodes at his home with his kids acting as co hosts and working the cameras. He would invite past chefs to send him the different parts of dishes and would instruct Guy on how to make it himself at home. They called these episodes DDD: Takeout. The first episodes were pandemic heavy with him using the episodes to try and raise money for funds which would help out of work chefs. After a few episodes, they made them more generic so that they can keep the in the repeat file for years to come without the heaviness of the time we are living in now. He's not back filming episodes in person but every so often a takeout version will still air.


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Truly impressed with the fact that you've been able to catch up with as much TV shows as you did!! Looking forward to ur no1!!


Truth be told... not really familiar with the network sitcoms on the batch, they mostly give off a "one and done kind" of vibe so i never bothered.


McDreamy's career post Grey's is kinda unfortunate. A forgettable miniseries and this new show which i just now found out abt lol... no wonder he came back for that cameo.

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I haven't seen any of these shows but I guess they're your least favourite of 200 shows sooooo I guess I'm not missing out on much. Let me sit pretty 'til the top 20. :keir: 


But let's go OFF admin king.

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Lee's Best of 2020 - The Top 200 TV Series of 2020: #190- #181


190) The Fungies! (HBO Max)


The Fungies! was initially picked up to air on Cartoon Network. Once HBO Max was announced, they shifted the series to the new streaming service. It was released in two parts late summer, early fall. The series follows a bunch of fungi and other creatures as they  go about their lives. It's one of the more childish series that Cartoon Network airs which seems to be the direction they're heading in. It was a bit off the walls and chaotic. I didn't really love it all that much and haven't gotten back to watch more after my initial watch.


189) Press Your Luck (ABC) (Last Year 106)


Press Your Luck is another one of ABC's latest game show revivals to air over the summer. With the pandemic, the series got on the air later and even aired some episodes in the fall. It's always fun to yell at the TV "no whammy" and hear the iconic sound effect like I did when I used to watch reruns on the game show network years ago. It's low stakes, high entertainment and you don't have to commit fully to the show. I always have a good time watching though! Hopefully ABC will bring this back for next summer!


188) Will & Grace (NBC)


I never watched the initial run of Will & Grace but I gave the reboot a chance when it started airing. I never really enjoyed it that much and I felt like I was missing out on half of the jokes by not knowing much of the history of the series. I eventually fell behind and never caught up on episodes. This year they announced they would be doing an episodes in honor of I Love Lucy and did their own takes on classic episodes. Everyone pretty much got the chance to play Lucy in a different scene and it was pretty funny. Lucy still resonates today and I love watching the classic episodes so I knew I had to watch this episode. Aside from this one, I didn't watch any other, but I felt I wanted to point out this great episode.


187) Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart (Cartoon Network) (Last Year: 161)


Mao Mao follows a sheriff and his friends and sidekicks as they fight to protect Pure Heart from evil forces which threaten them. Mao Mao didn't plan on protecting the town but he does it because it is his duty to protect those who need protection. The characters are cute, and the humor is witty. I never fully got into the series and was actually surprised when it got renewed for a second season because it doesn't seem like people really watch it. There's also not much merchandise which is what most of these shows are for, to sell stuff.


186) Match Game (ABC)


Match Game is another ABC game show revival which has been on the air for years now. The format is pretty much the same as the classic versions of the show and has Alec Baldwin read prompts which the contestants fill in and try to get a match with a celebrity panel which also fills in the blank. The answers are almost always funny and get construed into sexual innuendos. It's another one that is easy to watch. I didn't realize I left this off my list last year but I'm glad I was able to include it this year!


185) Beat Bobby Flay (Food Network) (Last Year: 162)


Beat Bobby Flay is another long running series on Food Network which pretty much airs a new episode weekly. With the pandemic, they were to continue airing new episodes until they ran out. This is the first time in a long time without new episodes, but they almost always have them repeating during the week. I always enjoy watching whether they are new or repeats because there are so many and I can probably catch an episode I missed at some point when they repeat. It's easy to watch, always entertaining with different judges in each episode and the food always looks great. I love when Bobby loses. That's the whole point of the show!


184) Emergence (ABC) (Last Year: 115)


Emergence was ABC's big bet last year to try to get a science fiction mystery thriller hit. The show never really took off. It was slow and dragged a lot. There were a bunch of twists and turns along the way which could have pushed it into a more compelling direction, but nothing really ever did that. The show also left on a cliffhanger which is never good when the show ends up being a one and done series, getting cancelled. There was a lot of promise with this series, but in a way I'm glad I won't have to commit to it anymore.


183) Ben 10 (Cartoon Network) (Last Year: 150)


Ben 10 is Cartoon Network's recent reboot of the original Ben 10 Cartoon Network series. Ben and his cousin Gwen travel with their Grandfather and encounter different situations which require Ben to use his watch device, the omnytrix, which transform him into different aliens with different powers and personalities. This year they even aired a movie which saw Ben take on his biggest threat yet. It's easy to digest, has some solid humor and great battle scenes. The show will be back for new episodes next year. I'm sure the show will go on for a while because I know they have a lot of merchandise and toys for sale.


182) Guy's Grocery Games (Food Network) (Last Year: 171)


Guy's Grocery Games is a food competition series hosted by Guy Fieri. Each week, he has contestants take part in different games in a supermarket. They can source all of the ingredients they need to make specific dishes. Sometimes the theme is broad but they're restricted by how they can show, how long they can shop or which aisles they can shop in. They have to be creative and make the best dishes to get them to the final round. Once they win, they get to look for certain items in the store. If they acquire them all before the time runs out, they can win $20k. The judges rotate weekly and Guy often has them cook in special episodes, including those that they were able to film during the pandemic at the judges homes.


181) Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt For The Bone Collector (NBC)


Lincoln Rhyme was initially a book series which was also adapted into a film years ago. This adaptation is new and follows Lincoln, a paralyzed forensic expert who was injured while trying to apprehend a serial killer known as the bone collector. When a case pops up that is similar to the bone collector, he gets a NYPD cop to help him try to crack the case. She wears a camera and with the help of Lincoln and his team, try to catch the bad guys before they can do more harm. The show was entertaining and had solid cases weekly. The show never really was able to build the momentum into something solid like The Blacklist and was cancelled after one season. I never got to finish it, but I think I saw that there was a cliffhanger so I'll probably let this one go.


Up next will be #180 - #171!

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