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Survivor: All Stars (ATRL Edition) | FINAL TRIBAL COUNCIL!!!

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Average Ranking: 5.13


rl231: Star - truth be told, from day 1, I thought you'd be the winner. You're the entire package and someone that REALLY could have won season 9 if you practically didn't lay down on that damn sword for Alena. WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING?! Either way, I'm so very glad you came back and got to the end again to show your true prowess in the game.


Element: As I said earlier tonight, I am so happy for you that this season was more enjoyable and that you got to prove yourself once again!! You're an incredibly strong runner-up. I was consistently impressed at how much people trusted you and enjoyed you socially. We could have been looking at a three time finalist if season 9 had gone differently tbh. Congrats on a huge season bb

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@Tom Vercetti

Average Ranking: 4.88


rl231: Tom, I'm going to be honest for a moment here. I didn't think you'd make it far at all. I thought you'd be quickly out if you flopped the challenges, and I didn't have hope either when you were being inflexible in the very beginning about who you wanted out (the URBAN vote for example). However, I'm elated that you proved my dumb ass wrong! You really hit your stride and had this great underdog status, especially in the merge, which is why people liked you a ton. So, cheers to you, sir!


Element: Honestly... I would not have expected your success this season given that you were the lowest placing member of the cast. You absolutely turned your story-arc upside down and showed that you are a competent strategist and social player after a rough beginning to the season. The viewers LOVE an underdog story and you definitely gave them that in the merge. You were authentic and engaging, and this just shows that heterophobia has been left behind in the 2010s tbh. Congrats on a huge showing this time!!

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Just now, Element said:

and this just shows that heterophobia has been left behind in the 2010s tbh

Ok I stan Tom but I wouldn't go THIS far

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Average Ranking: 1.63


rl231: Buddy, Buddy, Buddy...where to begin. I also didn't have high hopes for you, and you didn't either at least before the game started. I thought your threat level was so massive that you'd be taken out again, but you did this season for Element and me, and we're so grateful that you did. You really outplayed, outlasted, and outwitted the **** out of everyone else and truly earned that title of Sole Survivor. I'm incredibly pleased for you that you bested the best and that you didn't get twisted out at the final 3 like last season. Also, you got no votes at all AND had an idol that you didn't even need!!!!!!!! That's insane. So again, I'm very proud of you, my friend - you did the damn thing.


Element: ????? how honestly?


I haven't a single ****ing clue how you won this game so dominantly after these people should have had every single reason to vote you out immediately. You never took your foot off their necks and pretty much executed a flawless game of Survivor. The dominance continues here in the popularity countdown... not surprising given your super entertaining and insightful confessionals all season long!! Thank you for all you've done for the series. Now rl231 and I have a clean conscience from pulling the rug out from under you in season 8 LMAO. Congrats again!

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This season, the viewers picked a team of 4 contestants for the draft! The contestants were awarded points for winning challenges and immunity as well as playing items! 

...And here are the results






PinkBox for accumulating the most points and correctly predicting the top 3!

tysm pinkbox


Number of teams the contestants were in :

Staryu : 6
Bey_RihStan : 5
thecptz : 4
kipperskipper : 4
DripDrip : 3
Lucky#17 : 2
Buddy! : 2
NLTM : 2
Touch It : 2
Marvin : 1
Golden : 1


...and better luck next time to the rest!

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Each round, the viewers chose a player that they thought would survive the round. If they chose the person who was eliminated from the game that round, however, they would also be eliminated. The trick here is that once you use somebody, you can't use them again... so you want to ideally pick someone who is leaving very soon in order to maximize your number of players at the end. If you run out of options, you are also eliminated. The last person with picks remaining is the winner!


Here is the overview of picks this season....



(yes we are ALL clowns for picking buddy in round 1)





@Fruity came in second when he ran out of picks left in the game at final 9.


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