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Zack Snyder's Justice League | Reviews are out and...

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9 minutes ago, Legendary said:

The way that this is being deliberately buried on HBOMax :toofunny3:

You literally have to scroll all the way to the last one under "Popular Movies", and it's not even under "From the DC Multiverse" on the front page.

And where are the numbers?

+ also



The way they HATE to see it. Justice was served for king Cyborg and they will have to deal with it.

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On 3/30/2021 at 8:57 AM, Booyah said:

Her scenes were so fine this time but that theme :rip:


And the fact that it plays from start to finish like in every damn scene :rip:

I noticed this during my watch and kept cackling :bibliahh:

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My boyfriend and I finally saw it, and it was so good. :jonny5: This was everything I wanted from this movie from the get go, and even my boyfriend said it's his favorite superhero movie in years, which I was surprised about.

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I’m still floored by this. I think I want to watch it again honestly it was that good :jonny5:

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HBO Max releasing viewer numbers for the Tina documentary but not this :ahh:clownery. They even moved Mortal Kombat so people who signed up for Snyder Cut would have to stay for one more month. The way they used it and are now trying to bury it :rip: 

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Wow, this part made me tear up :sosad:


What was your relationship with Zack?

Good. I have nothing whatsoever bad to say about Zack. He has a skill set that I don’t have, as a visualist. And he has a contagious excitement—that when you describe a scene, he almost can’t contain himself and he just wants to go draw it or paint it. Zack never for a second turned his back on me or doubted my work.

After Batman/Superman, many of my Hollywood friends just stopped talking to me because they sort of thought that somehow I was complicit in this very public failure of a studio film. You learn pretty quickly who your real friends are and who your air-kiss Hollywood friends are. Zack could not have been more supportive and never stopped believing that together, we were going to create this big, epic DC world.


How did you feel when that journey ended prematurely with Justice League’s upheaval?

I went into such depression when the film was taken away and rewritten. But I didn’t even feel entitled to be depressed, because Zack and Debbie [Snyder, his wife and coproducer] were dealing with their family tragedy. Measured against that, losing the film that you wrote seems like nothing at all. But it did hurt. It hurts to think that I cared so much about these characters and worked on nothing else for a very long time.


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20 minutes ago, Legendary said:

Chris Terrio breaking his silence :clap3:


This just shows how badly WB handled the DCEU. 

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