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Billboard Music Awards 2017 | The Aftermath

All In My Head

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The low standards when people think that Chainsmokers guy is attractive. Just cause he's male and white..... :toofunny3:

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Great show, I always appreciate the BBMAs (more than most other award shoes) because they don't bother with cringeworthy jokes and stupid irrelevant segments and just focus on the MUSIC.  


I really enjoyed Camila's performance, she surprised the hell out of me.  That was a slay.  Of course Celine was amazing, and Julia, Lorde, Imagine Dragons, Sam, FGL/John, Halsey, and Ed were all solid.


Nicki had an amazing stage/costumes/dancers but it was a bit disappointing that she lip synced most of it, and didn't even rap that much.  The Chainsmokers (though I love them) were very bad </3  Disappointing since Drew sounded good on SNL.  I guess he was nervous or Young just doesn't work for him.  Should've done Break Up Every Night.


Miley's song is just atrocious, and that arrangement was so boring.  I hate the song Bruno did.


If there were other performers I don't remember them.

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