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Ariana Grande: Sweetener Tour [k bye for now]


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5 hours ago, Goofy said:

Goodbye to my fav tour of all time :weeps: I watched vids from each show and learned the setlist by heart so fast :heart2: :weeps: 


I'll never forget Sept. 3 :weeps: finally got to see my ultimate queen and I'm already imagining my next show sometime, hopefully 2021/22 :weeps: hoping I'll have enough money to be front-frontrow


She'll probably tour in 2021 or whenever she is ready. I think we might get the lead in a few months, watch. :deadbanana2: We are getting the live album tonight or soon though. 

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The last show was amazing! Ari cried a lot. The energy was amazing, though. Also, she was true to her word and released the album immediately after the show finished. The words ‘K bye for now’ we’re displayed on the screen at the end. 

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